SUP Ohana is AquaSports’ SUP division and the name of its SUP School. We aim to develop the local SUP community by providing services for all skills and levels.

Here is a description of the type of classes we run:

Intro to SUP:
Are you a complete novice? Would you like to try SUP but don’t know where to start? Look no further!
Our ‘Intro to SUP’ session will guide you through the basic skills and knowledge needed to paddle safely on flat water and help you start your SUP journey.

SUP Level 1:
Have you attended one or two of our ‘Intro to SUP’ sessions? Do you know your basic strokes and can perform them while standing? If your answers were yes, then this is your next step on your SUP journey. Our ‘SUP Level 1’ session will provide you with the tools to become a more confident paddler as well as the skills and knowledge to paddle safely in exposed waters.

SUP Level 2:
This is the continued path of SUP training for paddlers who have been engaged in the sport and wish to move forward onto performance paddling. (please note that a medium-high level of fitness is required for this session)

Sunset SUP / Wake up SUP:
These sessions have been specifically designed for those who would like to unwind and relax before or after a busy day (We promise not to bother you with fitness and technique…well, maybe a little)
Perfect for paddlers who like to cruise at their own pace and enjoy the scenery. (Please note that in order to attend these sessions you must have attended at least one ‘Intro to SUP’ class or have the skills required for Level 1)

SUP Touring:
This session has been designed for those paddlers who are able to hold a steady pace for the duration of the session (don’t worry we are really nice and will give you some breaks!) If you would like to explore the waters surrounding us and work on your endurance, then this is the session for you! (Please note that a medium level of fitness and good Level 1 skills are required to attend this session)

Still not sure what session to attend? Why not book an ‘Intro to SUP’ session and let one of our instructors asses you…you can always work up from here!

Session Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: 150 QAR per person (All gear included; board, leash, paddle, and PFD if needed)

To book please get in touch on:
call/WhatsApp: 66890966
**Group bookings outside the schedule available upon request.

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