Kids Camps and Kayaking

We are happy to offer a variety of outdoor experiences for kids ranging from age 10 to 18. From half-day kayak trips in the mangrove forest to multi day camps on the beach we can customize individual packages for what you school / university needs and what fits in best with the curriculum.

Here is a range of options available to schools, scout groups, university students or even just a bunch of friends.

Kayaking tours

Kayaking in the mangroves – this usually takes place on the peaceful and calm waters of the mangrove forest in Al Thakira. Trips take from 2 to 3 hours, during which we explore the mangrove channels. After, we paddle to a near by beach where we can relax and go for a swim. The excursion includes all equipment, qualified instructors and refreshments.

Overnight kayak trips – We kayak to a secluded beach island where kids will learn about the natural environment, play team-building games, learn to BBQ, do group performances etc.

Doha Kayak trips: There are a few options:

a) Launching near the Museum of Islamic Arts and Dhow harbor, this trip includes educational aspects about Doha, the Museum and the history of Dhow fishing/pearling. Approx. 2 hours

b) Launching near West bay and kayak to Al Safliya Island (3 km) from shore, there we’ll find gazebos and sandy beaches where participants can swim, explore or play some team building games. Approx. 2.5 hours


One night to multi-day Adventure Camp

The camps are set up on the coast of Qatar usually on a beach. The overnight camping experiences can range from one night to three nights. We normally have a set program that includes, kayaking, outdoor skills, leadership, water based and land based teambuilding, mini obstacle courses, orienteering and navigation.

These overnight experiences can be customized and tailor made to suit.



An expedition essentially involves traveling from one location to another and setting up camp there. We offer two options:

1. By land­ – Ranging from one to two nights, participants will hike across the desert carrying all there own equipment and food, using maps and compasses (age specific). They will, with guidance, set up camp and cook their own food. On the 2nd day the program will be broken up into groups and a variety of activities will be presented, including group based obstacle / puzzles, desert survival, leadership and teambuilding activities.

2. By sea – Participants will kayak out to a secluded beach surrounded by mangroves. Similar activities as the hiking expedition will be conducted then we will kayak back the following day.