When you come on a AquaSports excursion or class you are in competent hands, we do everything to make sure you have the best experience possible. We have prepared a few answers to questions we get asked a lot to help if you are unsure of anything.


Is it safe?Yes very safe, all activities are supervised by qualified instructors and guides. The kayaks we use are very stable and simple to use, all participants are equipped with a lifejacket. Also all necessary training and safety instruction are given ensuring all participants are able to handle their craft safely. Weather conditions are always taken into consideration.


I have never been kayaking before. Is that OK?

Absolutely. Your guide or instructor will give you lots of help and the tour begins with training and a safety briefing. Our kayaks are simple to use and we will ensure you are given equipment fitted for your needs.


Will I get wet?

A little yes, normally you will get wet where you sit and splashed from time to time but you will not get drenched. It is still a good idea to bring along a change of clothes and a towel 

How old do I have to be?

10 yrs old and older is recommended for all the tours. Unless accompanied by an adult who will share a tandem kayak with you.


I don’t know if I am fit enough?

If you occasionally play sport, walk, work out or are somewhat active you will be fine. The paddling is not too strenuous.


Can I paddle with a friend?



What if I want to come along by myself?

No problem! We have single and double kayaks .We will team you up with another paddler or 1 of our guides if you are not happy to be alone


How long are the tours?

Between 1 to 3 hours, each tour or class is different just check on the information on the booking to make sure it is suitable for you.


How many people on each tour?

Regular tours have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 30 but larger groups can be accommodated.


What does it include?

All your paddling gear and a guide plus a bottle of water. 

What do I need to bring?

We recommend a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. No special clothing is required; just dress appropriately to get wet and being considerate to the local culture. A change of clothes is a good idea. Juice and snacks if you like.


Can I take pictures?

Yes but at your own risk we do not provide dry bags and cannot guarantee that it won’t get wet.